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Jiangmen Pengjiang Hongteng Electromechanical Co., Ltd

Jiangmen Pengjiang Hongteng Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a research and development company; Production; sale; Service as one of the garment equipment production enterprises, specializing in the production of independent brand "Hongteng" hot air seam sealing machine series, waterproof zipper machine series, seamless hot press series, hydrostatic pressure tester series and laser cutting machine series. The products are widely used in raincoats, ponchos, car and boat covers, waterproof bags, waterproof shoes, tents, leisure clothes, sports clothes, down clothes, mountaineering clothes, field clothes and so on.

The company has strong technical force to ensure product quality. It has gathered a large number of engineering and technical personnel, enterprise managers and marketing service personnel, and accumulated rich design and technical experience and production and manufacturing experience. With the purpose of meeting the production needs of different users in the garment industry, the company has innovated and developed garment machinery products required by users.


Has many years of experience in garment machinery production

Hongteng electromechanical creates the future with quality

01/Years of industry experience and strong strength

Honest manufacturers, no intermediate price difference, with favorable market competitiveness in quality and price, make unremitting efforts to create value for customers and society, and finally achieve win-win and multi win.

Have perfect equipment, production and assembly equipment to ensure the stability of production capacity.

02/Pay attention to product quality and stable performance

Jiangmen Pengjiang Hongteng electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of garment machinery, waterproof heat sealing tape and waterproof garment accessories integrating research and development, production, sales and service

The company's equipment is sold well all over the country, with its own product development capacity and production standardization. Stable quality; It has won many high praise and established a good reputation.

03/Perfect after-sales service to solve problems

Solve all kinds of problems, carefully do every product detail, show it to customers, and determine the success or failure from the details.

Rapid response to customer needs, faster and better response to customer needs; We will try our best to meet our customers, create value for our customers and society, and make unremitting efforts to achieve win-win and win-win results.

Perfect pre-sales and after-sales service management system is the guarantee for Hongteng's successful operation. For Hongteng, the precious wealth is the trust and support given by customers.