• Precautions for operation of Jiangmen ultrasonic suture machine

    Regular inspection of die head:(1) the parallelism between the die head plane and the flower wheel shall be checked regularly. Generally, their parallelism shall be less than 0.02mm. If it exceeds this standard, it shall be adjusted before operation.(2) if the working surface of the die head is worn and dented, resulting in the poor fusing of the fabric, the die head shall be removed, the working


  • Application of ultrasonic lace machine in making non-woven fabric bag

    The non-woven bag is made of non-woven fabric as the raw material and produced by the non-woven bag making machine. The center does not add any auxiliary materials and solvents, so it is also a green product.There are two kinds of non-woven bag making equipment: full-automatic non-woven bag machine and ultrasonic lace machine (semi-automatic non-woven bag machine). The automatic non-woven bag mach


  • Characteristics and application of Jiangmen ultrasonic underclothing machine

    Ultrasonic underwear trimming machine is also known as seamless underwear sewing equipment, also known as seamless underwear lace machine. Mainly through the ultrasonic principle, the ultrasonic technology is successfully applied to underwear products. After special flower transportation, the edge of underwear is cut by lace, various dark lines are pressed, or various flower holes are pressed, and


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