Precautions for operation of Jiangmen ultrasonic suture machine

2019-11-14 152

Regular inspection of die head:

(1) the parallelism between the die head plane and the flower wheel shall be checked regularly. Generally, their parallelism shall be less than 0.02mm. If it exceeds this standard, it shall be adjusted before operation.

(2) if the working surface of the die head is worn and dented, resulting in the poor fusing of the fabric, the die head shall be removed, the working surface shall be ground flat, and then the die head shall be installed for work.

Note: if the die head is uneven, it can be grinded several times, but the accumulated amount of grinding several times shall not be more than 2mm, otherwise the die head will be invalidated due to the change of working frequency and the disappearance of surface hardening layer.

(3) inspection of the working frequency matching between die head and ultrasonic generator assembly:

Note: check this item before going to work every day. The method is: turn on the power switch, and then resist the experimental switch board to the direction of "ultrasonic experiment". Observe if there is one of a series of phenomena, check the frequency:


A. touch the working face of die head with hand to feel the weak amplitude of ultrasonic wave

B. abnormal noise

C. abnormal hot of die head

D. the swing amplitude of ammeter on the generator assembly panel is too large

When adjusting the method, use the tuner on the panel with a "one" head screwdriver to fine tune the calibration frequency one by one (generally not more than 45o is adjusted clockwise and anticlockwise), until the ammeter pointer swings to the minimum and the above phenomenon disappears.

If it is still unable to work after calibration, do not step on the foot switch, and cut off the power supply to stop working, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.

Article origin: Jiangmen ultrasonic machine

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