Application of ultrasonic lace machine in making non-woven fabric bag

2019-11-14 183

The non-woven bag is made of non-woven fabric as the raw material and produced by the non-woven bag making machine. The center does not add any auxiliary materials and solvents, so it is also a green product.

There are two kinds of non-woven bag making equipment: full-automatic non-woven bag machine and ultrasonic lace machine (semi-automatic non-woven bag machine). The automatic non-woven bag machine has high automation and efficiency, and is mainly used in the production of flat bags, side bags, bottom bags, etc., so it is widely used in large non-woven bag manufacturers with fixed orders.

The working principle of the ultrasonic lace machine is to use high frequency vibration to transmit the sound wave from the welding head to the welding surface of the working object, which makes the molecules of the working object produce friction in an instant and reach the melting point of the plastic. Then the solid materials are dissolved rapidly and the welding is completed. Its joint strength is close to a whole piece of continuous material. As long as the joint surface of the product is designed to match, there is certainly no problem of complete sealing.

In the manufacturing process of non-woven fabric bag, ultrasonic lace machine has two purposes:


1. Seam edge of non-woven fabric bag: ultrasonic welding is applied to avoid the use of needle and thread, which saves the trouble of frequent needle and thread changing. There is no broken joint condition of traditional suture, and the non-woven fabric bag can be cut and sealed neatly. At the same time, the stitching also has the effect of decoration. It has strong adhesive force, can achieve the waterproof effect, and has clear embossing pattern. The surface has more three-dimensional relief effect. The working speed is fast, and the product effect is better and more advanced and beautiful. The quality is guaranteed.

2. Production of hand strap: connect the ultrasonic lace machine with a shearing machine, and set the ultrasonic lace machine to be automatic to make the hand strap automatically. Ultrasonic lace machine (semi-automatic non-woven bag machine) is widely used in packaging industry, clothing industry, beauty industry, service industry, home appliance industry, non-woven clothing, office supplies, toy industry, etc. It is used to make environmental protection non-woven fabric products such as environmental protection bag, gift bag, shopping bag, advertising bag, non-woven fabric bag, gift bag, non-woven fabric handbag, non-woven fabric hanging bag, cosmetics bag, suit bag, advertising apron, non-woven fabric accounting machine set, TV set, air conditioning set, washing machine set, dust cover, etc.

Article origin: Jiangmen ultrasonic machine

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