Characteristics and application of Jiangmen ultrasonic underclothing machine

2019-11-14 179

Ultrasonic underwear trimming machine is also known as seamless underwear sewing equipment, also known as seamless underwear lace machine. Mainly through the ultrasonic principle, the ultrasonic technology is successfully applied to underwear products. After special flower transportation, the edge of underwear is cut by lace, various dark lines are pressed, or various flower holes are pressed, and the edge or different regular flower shape hole shape can be melted. The effect of melting and cutting edge is soft, without desserting, breaking, damaging, burring and damaging the original characteristics of underwear materials Sex, no impact on skin, in line with environmental protection and human health, no compression effect. The lace shape can be changed at will, making its surrounding smooth and flexible, which can accurately express women's internal feelings and external temperament, showing a moment of permanence, humility, elegance of connotation, atmospheric echo, comfort and sexuality, more care, fully reflecting the basic planning concept of underwear and the basic style displayed by its products, ultrasonic seamless underwear bud Silk machine then express the characteristics of seamless underwear thoroughly.

Working principle of the machine: using high-frequency vibration to transmit sound wave from the welding head to the welding surface of the working object, the working object molecules will be rubbed in an instant to reach the melting point of the product, then the solid materials will be dissolved rapidly, and the blocking or sewing or drilling will be completed; using special alloy steel to make the flower wheel mold, various kinds of messy flower shaped drawings can be developed according to the needs of customers; the welding head is wear-resistant and has a special service life Long, easy to assemble and disassemble the pattern, eccentric core adjustment, sensitive, convenient and high levelness. The ultrasonic underwear trimming machine is also called: ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic stitching and trimming machine, ultrasonic embossing and knurling machine, ultrasonic embossing and trimming machine, ultrasonic compound machine, ultrasonic crimping and trimming machine, ultrasonic magic trimming machine, ultrasonic underwear trimming and punching machine, ultrasonic underwear underwear trimming machine, etc.


Ultrasonic lace sewing machine is widely used. Chemical synthetic fiber cloth, or chemical fiber blended fabric and chemical film (including more than 30% chemical fiber) can be processed into required products, such as nylon cloth, needle and thread fabric, non-woven fabric, t / R cloth, polyester cloth, multi-layer cloth, and all kinds of laminating coated film paper can be applied.

Applicable products include lace, bed cover, pillow cover, car cover, tent, packing belt, backpack, travel belt, portable belt, window cloth, raincoat, windbreaker, snowsuit, toy, glove, tablecloth, chair cover, quilt cover, mask, hair ornament, accessories, umbrella, lampshade, etc

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