Working principle and influencing factors of heat sealing machine

2019-11-14 149

How it works

The heat sealing machine is to use various external conditions (such as electric heating, high frequency voltage and ultrasonic) to change the heat of the plastic film sealing part into viscous flow state, and to fuse the two layers of film into one with certain pressure. After cooling, it adheres to certain strength and sealing function, so as to ensure that the goods can bear certain external force in the process of packaging, transportation, storage and consumption, and ensure that the goods can bear certain external force Do not crack, leak, and reach the purpose of commodity protection.


Influencing factors

(1) heat sealing temperature: it is used to heat the adhesive film to an ideal viscous flow condition. The viscosity temperature and decomposition temperature of polymer are the lower and upper limit of heat sealing. The difference between the two temperatures is an important factor to measure the difficulty of heat sealing.

(2) heat sealing pressure: the function of heat sealing pressure is to make the films which are already in viscous flow condition penetrate and disperse each other effectively between sealing interfaces, and also to make the spacing between polymers close to the result that intermolecular force can be produced. If the pressure of heat seal is too low, it may lead to unstable heat seal; if the pressure is too high, it may extrude some effective chain segments of viscous flow state, forming a semi blocking condition of heat seal part, leading to wire drawing.

(3) heat sealing time: refers to the time when the film stays under the sealing knife. The heat sealing time determines the heat sealing temperature, pressure and production power of the equipment.

Article source: hot air seam sealing machine manufacturer

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