Installation requirements and precautions of hot press

2019-11-14 168

Hot press is the transmission part of heat and pressure. Its heat transfer function, mechanical strength, rigidity and machining accuracy have different effects on the quality and output value of products. The temperature and conduction heat of each hot pressing plate shall be uniform to make the pressed slab evenly heated.

It is necessary for the hot press to have enough strength and rigidity, and to be able to accept the thermal stress caused by the change of high temperature. The upper and lower surfaces of the hot press plate have enough parallelism, flatness and roughness of the surface, and the flow resistance of the hot medium in the hot press plate channel is small.

The internal part of the hot press needs to process many channels according to certain requirements, and will form a specific way of circuit after its plug and welding seal to heat the hot pressed plate and slab with full steam (or hot fire, hot oil).

Installation requirements for hot pressed plates

The steam inlets and outlets of two adjacent hot platens in some hot presses of the unit must be arranged in the opposite way. The high and low temperature areas on the adjacent two hot pressing plates can compensate each other, which is conducive to the uniform heating of the slab. It is important to improve the quality of the hot press and shorten the hot pressing time whether the circuit way of the hot pressing plate heating channel is reasonable or not.

The temperature difference of the hot press plate is small, and the quality of the products obtained is good to a certain extent. In this way, the rigidity and strength of the hot press plate weakened by drilling can be reduced, and the flow resistance in the channel of the hot medium can be reduced.


The hot pressing plate is easy to be blocked, the temperature difference of the plate surface is large, the heating of the products is uneven, the moisture content of the everywhere is inconsistent, it is easy to warp and affect the strength, together with the extension of the hot pressing time, resulting in the decline of output value.

Safety precautions for hot press operation

1. Pay attention to the safety during the operation and maintenance of the press, and do not put the hand into the hot press plate.

2. When the compressor is in the lightning area, it must be shut down and cut off the power supply.

3. Keep the oil circuit switch open.

4. The operator shall not leave the post when the machine is turned on.

5. Preheat the press: close the power supply of the press, and gradually increase the temperature without pressure until it reaches the temperature required for pressing, then it can be put into formal production to ensure the quality of the veneer.

Article origin: Jiangmen seamless hot press

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